Top 10: Most controversial video games of all-time

Controversial video games are no rarity in todays times, consequently being banned or censored within many countries.

This episode from the top 10 season (see Top 10: Most wanted video game remakes, Top 10: Greatest video games of all-time, Top 10: Most frustrating video games of all-time & Top 10: Hottest girls playing video games) countdowns the 10 most controversial video games of all-time.

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ninpo142755d ago

never thought pokemon would be there but when i think about it its true. the #1 there just blew me away. i never heard of it but it made me LOLOLOL

deanobi2755d ago

makes me wonder what crazy stuff will be be released this decade :/

toaster2755d ago

They forgot Super Columbine Massacre RPG.

The original Manhunt was way more gruesome and violent than the second.

OSU_Gamer2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Columbine was the first game i thought of, it probabaly should be on here over games like MAss Effect, Bioshock, and Resistance FoM.

If we are going to keep seeing stupid lists on N4G, can they at least be of decent quality?

Palodios2755d ago

Where are Columbine RPG and BMX XXX?

NecrumSlavery2755d ago

This list isn't very good. Some if these aren't the least bit controversial.

I mean what about Atari's Custard's Revenge. Raping Native American women; Does it get more controversial than that?

4pocalyps32755d ago

modern warfare 2 would be in that list...not judging by the picture of course.

BeaArthur2755d ago

Well any game that offers you the option to not play a scene because of the nature of the contact is bound to make the list.

downwardspiral2755d ago

what no mortal kombat? Its one the first games that caused games to have esrb ratings.

Ares84PS32755d ago

Muslims are upset because a video game encourages people to kill virtual muslims.

Yet it's all ok to kill Germans and Japanese in WW2 video games like COD or MOH but don't touch the muslims man!!! Don't you dare.

In todays world everyone is just way to sensitive and no one can be called what they are because they get offended.


I understand what you're saying but read this part

'To progress to the game’s bosses: Osama Bin Laden, Mohammad and Allah, the player must kill all the Muslims who appear on-screen during each stage'

Where have you ever seen a game like that?

GFahim2755d ago

i dont see any game titled 'German massacre' or 'American massacre' etc. 'Muslim masaccre' eh? i havent seen such a blatant title made by a massive hater.

stop talking out of your ass bruv.

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