Crackdown 2: Disappointment or explosive return?

Three-and-a-half years after the first game, Crackdown 2's finally arrived in European shops today - and already it's swirling up some controversial opinions.

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captain-obvious3080d ago

more of a Disappointment TBH

JsonHenry3080d ago

I can't speak of actual gameplay since I played it for two minutes and deleted the demo. However I CAN say the game is fugly at best. Seriously the games graphics looks like the Wii could pull it off without a hiccup.

D4RkNIKON3080d ago

lol, this one is about gameplay. I want to see a 360 exclusive raise the bar graphically for a change.

Naughty Dog3080d ago Show
DelbertGrady3080d ago

It's a great disappointment to the PS3 trolls on N4G.

lh_swe3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

You claim PS3 fanboys are deluded beyond unfathomable bounds, that they claim conspiracy every time an exclusive gets bashed but how are your actions right now any different?

Pehaps the media is being a little harsh, but there are also huge dissapointments from such a long awaited sequel...or no!?

I have no problem with you pointing out the obvious truth about the PS3 fanboys on this site but you have to apply the same critique to yourself, for example what was it you said about MAG again?

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The_Zeitgeist3080d ago

I have the perfect word to describe Crackdown 2.


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Cherchez La Ghost3080d ago

Once you get to level 5 Agility, you get fly which has a learning curve. You have tanks and last night we discovered how to get helicopters. You have the Juggernaunt run that you blow thu crowds and cars, buses, etc.The enemies had gernade launchers that were bouncing me in the air last night. You can have more than 100 infected attack you more than once. You can blow half a block away once you get around Level 4 Explosives. Then they have the super mutants that jump as high and run fast asy you. This game is all about getting the acheivements online with you and your buddies for hours of fun.

I'll gonna jump out there and say this. I played Infamous. Crackdown 2 is way better. Fcuk the scores. Crack 2 is more fun to me. Dissagree with me and I'll send the Booty Warrior to your house. LOL!!

Random4043080d ago

Sweet. Thanks for talking about that stuff. I'm looking forward to it even more.

Folezicle3080d ago

To compare the two is weird.. Not saying it's a flaw in your argument, more the fan-boys.. Crackdown 2 isn't meant to be played for the story.. More for the orbs and co-op, it's basically screwing around.. It would work better on PC, since there would be some fantastic mods... Infamouse though is more serious and has a story.. Also one of the reasons Crackdown 2 got a bad score was the city was it was too similar to the first.. Therefore you can't really compare Crackdown 2 with Infamous, you would have to compare it with Infamous 2, which IMO will suffer the same issues, unless the city has changed, since they're only adding an extra element. To conclude, Crackdown 2, is played when you want kick back, and just muck around with co-op and the gadgets.. It's not intended to really use your fast reflexes or use a lot of brain power.. Often the cool stuff you make with your gadgets, just happens by accident

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