GamerZines: Bulletstorm Preview

It's hard not to feel fatigued by the First Person Shooter, even though some of the finest games of the past few years have featured large weapons hovering at the bottom of the screen. Thankfully, the fine chaps at Poland's People Can Fly feel the same way, and they want to inject a bit of fun and frivolity back into forward facing gunplay. And they want to do it as violently as possible.

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The_Zeitgeist3080d ago

Thats funny that there is a growing perception out there that this game is CliffyB's baby. I hadn't heard that till this article.

djsean3080d ago

Looks like quite an interesting take, I hope it turns out good.

sanshatak3080d ago

this game will be awsome like half life,bioshock,and painkillel,and why people are ot excited about this title,oh i forgot this is not a exclusive, n4g comunity all can do but argue about whos excv is better while in the disscusion bord of bulletstorm there are 3 posts