Ubi already has a 'plan' for Driver: San Francisco DLC

Ubisoft Reflections' Marketing Assistant Adam Lavis has told GamerZines that the company has plans to launch DLC for Driver: San Francisco following its release this November, but what the DLC will contain "hasn't been fully finalised".

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chak_2635d ago

yeah, and I have "plan" for not buying any Ubi game as long as that DRM remains

Quagmire2635d ago

I remember back in the day when games were praised for its amount of content on release day included within the disc.

Yi-Long2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

... all these developers that are already announcing how they'll DLC-milk their games before they're even out.... they just convince me to not the buy the game, and go for some other game instead!

I'll just wait for a 'GOTY' or 'Complete' edition, if I'm even still interested by then.

Gawd, I hate this whole DLC-scamming era. :( For every developer that does it 'right', there are 20-30 developers who are trying to screw you over.

ECM0NEY2635d ago

just torrent it in protest like most people

chak_2635d ago

that's the exact opposite people need to do.

Just ignore it, is that sooo hard to understand?

torrent = pirate, ignore = WTF from ubi

Pandemic2635d ago

I say focus on the game before thinking of any DLC....

RowSand2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

this game will flop.. the real time car shift whatever they call ii..that systmen looks who come up with that idea??

Alos882635d ago

Nowadays it seems you need to know what DLC you are going to make even before you know what game you are making it for!

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