Ghost Recon: Future Soldier beta coming 'a couple of months' before release

Ubisoft has told GamerZines that the Xbox 360-exclusive Ghost Recon: Future Soldier multiplayer beta will go live "a couple of months" before the game's release next spring, suggesting that we may need to wait until 2011 for the chance to give the next Ghost Recon a whirl.

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BYE2631d ago

"However, when asked whether the beta might turn out to be a timed-exclusive for Splinter Cell: Conviction owners rather than an exclusive altogether, Khater said:

"It's still under discussion. Maybe. These are things that we are discussing. Absolutely."

Don't lock out a whole group of gamers, Ubisoft. You know you don't wanna do that mistake.

BeaArthur2631d ago

Do you mean the beta or the game because I think it's listed under PS3 and 360 at Gamestop. The beta I know as of now is 360 only but I thought the game was multi.

Inside_out2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

I have a beta key since I bought the awesome Splinter cell Conviction game. Really looking forward to this title since it's TPS. Graw 2 was my favorite on line game and while few people play it anymore, the job Redstorm did with the multi-player was incredible. Some of the best graphics this gen. I have no idea why Ubisoft doesn't use the Yeti engine for all there games. The PS3 version was terrible. It's like the graphics are on medium setting and the 360 version was on high. Big difference!!!

Here's the demo Ubisoft showed at E3 for those that might of missed it. The whole demo is great but at 5:19, it jumped to AWESOME!!!

MariaHelFutura2631d ago

Exclusive Betas.....ugh. I hate exclusive DLC, Betas and Demos.

MRJENKINS2631d ago

first medal of honor.. now ghost recon?

ECM0NEY2631d ago

If this game is half as sick as the cgi trailer day one for

outrageous2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Ghost recon is looking great at the moment. Sniper: Ghost Warrior looks very good as well. Can't wait to give it a go. On PC and 360, this is the 360 version...great lighting.

Blaze9292630d ago

couple of months? what the hell is the point of that then? They need to learn from Bungie and how they do betas - months before and use the data they collect to make a better game. I'm glad I sold conviction - i knew they were gonna pull this shit.

Spenok2630d ago

Hmmm, i wonder if it will be an open beta?