Assassin's Creed's Production Manager discusses Patrice Desilets' departure

Last month Ubisoft announced that Assassin's Creed's Creative Director Patrice Desilets had suddenly and unexpectedly left the company, telling us that Patrice had "decided to take a creative break from the industry".

But earlier this week, GamerZines caught up with Assassin's Creed's Production Manager Jean-Francois Boivin to ask how Patrice's departure had affected things at the studio, and whether it was possible that he could return to Assassin's Creed further down the line.

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Quagmire3080d ago

Great interview. I severely hope the awesomeness of the franchise doesn't disappear along with him.

Eamon3080d ago

Agree with Quagmire. I remember him from his interviews with game journalists. He's probably the most important creative designer in the franchise. Let's hope he returns for AC3 since he's about finished his role in Brotherhood.

Spenok3079d ago

I'm sure the 200+ people working on the game can keep the awesomeness alive. He may be important, but there are others who can push the game forward as well. Just look who GoW turned out w/o Jaffe.

ajay_solidsnake3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

BREAK ??!?!
He's making games for THQ now

PhantomT14123080d ago

It hasn't been confirmed if I recall. Only (real) source was Kotaku, isn't it?

user94220773080d ago

GamerZines truly showcases the kind of gaming websites which create stories solely for hits. Sorry, but it's clearly evident.

And like VG247, takes every single information from an interview already published on their site, and re-creates the story solely for hits.


CranberryPub3080d ago

The interview isn't published on the site?

Ether3080d ago

Patrice was awesome. :(

ikkokucrisis3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Not was, IS

I would leave too if I was forced to keep working on IP's I created that are being rehashed every year.