RPGFan - Final Fantasy IX Review

RPGFan reviews re-release of Final Fantasy IX on PlayStation Network (PSOne Classics) for PS3 and PSP.

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Darkfiber3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

What's the point of reviewing an old game? If you are going to review it today, might as well review it by today's standards. The graphics suck, they look like PS1 graphics and they are on the PSN? Unacceptable. Also, there's no voice? You have to READ everything?! Combat is boring and slow paced, you actually have to take turns standing around like an idiot and being hit with a huge sword or by a huge monster until it's your turn to attack. Most unrealistic combat ever. Very linear story, no moral choices, pssh this game sucks. 2/100

I hate how nostalgia gets in the way of reviewing a game based on what it actually is, rather than what people remember it to be.

Baba19063077d ago

lol. why would you buy a ff game i you hate oldschool rpgs.

finalblink413076d ago

Go play that piece of garbage mass effect, you can have all the stupid choices you want while playing one of the most boring, generic, space douche-bags I've ever seen in an "RPG", western RPG's are god awful, over simplified and LOL never fail to have guns, wow.

jjl3077d ago

You are the reason FF is deteriorating to its current state.

PSK223077d ago

Now this is what I call a real Final Fantasy!! Good times:)

Voity813076d ago

@Darkfiber, dude it is a Ps1 game thats why it looks like a ps1 game.