Cry freedom

This month sees the release of one of the biggest games ever developed in Australia, with Canberra-based developer Irrational hoping it may just well change the way people feel about shooting games.

Bioshock, which is scheduled for release on August 24 for PC and Xbox 360, drops players into one of the most stylish and convincing interactive worlds ever created and provides astonishing freedom to choose your own path...

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Caxtus7503949d ago i the only idiot who thought "wow crysis came around quickly"? lol

Although yes this looks great! SLighlty worried about it getting repetative though but then again im not the biggest FPS fan. As far as fps' go it looks very story driven which is always a great plus imo.

(weridly enough halo 2 is my favourite game....never figured that out)

MK_Red3949d ago

Well, with two E3s winning a lot of awards from innovation to graphics to action gameplay, this is my pick for GOTY. But lets not forget aout Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed and GTA4. (+Halo 3 and Mario Galaxy)