Rival MMOs cash in on Blizzard’s anonymity ban, proclaim "beginning of the end" for WoW dominance

Omar Dabbagh of GamePro writes: "Free MMO publisher GamersFirst has pledged to protect gamer identities in the wake of Blizzard Entertainment banning anonymous users from its game forums. The company added that this could be "the beginning of the end" in terms of World of Warcraft’s dominance as an online RPG.

“Forcing players to reveal their identity will just push them somewhere else where they can stay anonymous", said GamersFirst producer Jonenee Merriex.

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chak_3083d ago

yeah right, you wish.

MMO are an addiction, it's not because they can't post on a forum that they'll stop playing wow.

And only a small % of wow player post on forum. And say 1/4 of those posters really quit wow, then for blizzard it's like maybe 1% of userbase.

Should they really care?

Don't get me wrong, I think RealID is wrong, in every way, but I don't think they'll change their mind, they'll just inforce that.