5 reasons why Resident Evil 5 isn't racist

Recently a woman who writes for a blog called Black Looks stated that Resident Evil 5 is racist. Not only is her argument baseless and without intelligent merit, it is obvious she did not even bother doing any research whatsoever. See the 5 reasons why her arguments are dead wrong.

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Azures3857d ago

The only reason needed why it's not racist:

Skin color doesn't matter when it comes to zombies, they all must be destroyed.

They aren't black anymore, they are ZOMBIES.

MACHone3857d ago

Dude, the first time I saw the Resident Evil 5 trailer at E3, I couldn't stop laughing, because I IMMEDIATELY knew crap like this was gonna happen. It only makes it worse that it's been announced that these "creatures" in the trailer are neither zombies nor Los Ganados (a la Resident Evil 4). So... what then?

People? Just people this time?

Nah, but seriously, I can't wait to see more about the plot of RE5 (which now, of course, stands for Racist Evil 5). A virus in Africa? Who woulda thought! Okay, so I don't think the setting has been "officially" announced as Africa yet... but where else could it be?

South Baltimore?

Man, what race will we be killing next, Capcom?

(Hopefully, everyone can take this comment in good fun.)

Azures3857d ago

Resident Evil 6 needs an outbreak in a city resembling Tokyo ;)

MACHone3857d ago

Totally. But only if we're killing mutant robot sex bunnies.

likeaboss3023857d ago

A RE that took place in Baltimore would be pretty awesome.

However, this racist crap is full of crap! I'm suprised Al Sharpton hasn't jumped all over this yet. You know him and Jesse are just looking for some TV time.

This kind of crap where people try to make something out of nothing is what helps divide races not bring them together.

ScorpioKyle3857d ago

they're not zombies, they just have super Aids

MACHone3857d ago

Until I see on the news someone step forward and say, "I, indeed, am a black zombie whose mind and body have been corrupted by the diabolical hands of an evil clandestine organization and I am deeply offended by this game," I don't think anyone has the grounds to really say anything.

Unless in the instruction manual that badass punch Chris lets out is labeled "'The Surpreme White Fist of Power' attack."

JsonHenry3857d ago

Lol, my wife and I watched the E3 2007 trailer and said that we didn't see and zombies on screen, we just saw the Darfur region and thought that maybe the lead character was looking into the genocide!

Lol, I didn't see zombies in that trailer - I saw the evening news!!

Seriously though, anytime you portray any minority group in a negative fashion, even something as stupid as zombified blacks, that a minority group is going to complain just to gain notoriety.

Bathyj3857d ago

RE6:Igloo Massacare:The Eskimo Rising.

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Lakuspakus3857d ago

“Yes… I am more comfortable with the zombies being white. In fact, ALL zombies should be white from this day forth.”

And she says the game is full of rcism? She sounds like a racist herself if u ask me.

TheExecutive3857d ago

yeah I guess only white people (using her words not mine) can be depicted as "inhuman savages". What a racist bia.

WIIIS13857d ago

RE5 is racist. Africa isn't just populated by blacks y'know? Why should the game marginalize the white African people by excluding them from the exalted status of being zombies?

Lakuspakus3857d ago

"Why should the game marginalize the white African people by excluding them from the exalted status of being zombies?"

Because you don't find many white people in the "outback" of Africa ;)

InMyOpinion3857d ago

How come the majority of all lead characters in video games are white and almost never black? Because all game developers are racist...

How come the first victims who get killed in horror movies almost always are from ethnic minorities? Because all horror movie directors are racists...

WIIIS13857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

@ Lakuspakus

Well now that you put it that way, I might begin to see where the real racist angle is at...

TheExecutive3857d ago

well actually Jenzo, most lead characters in video games are murderers, theives and so on and so forth...

I do agree about the movies and stuff... perfect example is The Shining.... Scatman Crothers walks into the hotel and gets a frickin axe right away... I still laugh about that today. Man im laughing right now. Its so utterly obvious that the black butler just gets hacked because he is black.

And im not laughing because i think that its funny when black people get killed in movies but that it is such a glaring embedded part of our culture.

BrainDrain3857d ago

Great, so you've played the game? Played the whole game from start to finish? So you know for a fact that every single enemy in the game is colored black? No?

They've shown us (video) a small town/village from the game. The game is due out sometime in 2009. For all we know, there are "white zombies" in the game too. It's a shame that people see black enemies and automatically get up in arms about racism yet that rarely happens when the enemies are white.

I guess from now on, every enemy in every game ever created or being created should be 3d blocks with composed of every single color. Even then, people would complain that something about those blocks were racist.

WIIIS13857d ago

@ Braindrain

Chill man, you couldn't tell I was being sarcastic? Its discrimination to exclude a race from being zombie in my books.

Umbrella Corp3857d ago

you know what BS3....just STFU!Your racist for seeing skin color I see no color in my gamer mind and if you remember in the trailer there a glimpse of 1 latin guy to my knowledge this is JUST a trailer we shouldnt say "I saw me's a black person!"and get pissed off so please stop your dumb remarks.
Thank you N4g members for listening to my rant. : )

WIIIS13857d ago

@ Soulreaper

What a politically-correct line you're towing. When you mature from your gamer mind into the real world however you'd realize that just because a person can distinguish between colors does not mean he's a racist. Just like how if you have a girlfriend of another color does not mean you are not racist.

But we're not here to talk about heavy stuff. Bottomline is as gamers we all love zombies, every race and creed should be entitled to become one.

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Kleptic3857d ago

did you guys read her whole article? It is totally mindless, obviously has no baring at all on the game itself, makes claims of it being African geographically (which was never confirmed, a lot feel it is Haiti)...and doesn't push for equality or anything...simply that zombies should only be white people...

from what we understand...the game is about a town that gets infected with a virus (more like RE2, and less like RE4)...if it happens to infect a town with people that are not white, there are going to be zombies that originally were not white...what is racist about that? This idiot is trying to make a statement about Zombie's rights based on their skin color...

johnnywit3857d ago

What was funny was the lady said that kids would play this game and be raised to hate black people. Come on. Kids should not be playing this type of game. If it were mario attacking black people then I would think it was some kind of white conspiracy.

TheExecutive3857d ago

Even if children were able to play this game they are often oblivious to racist thoughts. I bet if you asked a kid who is playing this game why he is shooting people he would say because they are zombies and not even relate shooting them to them being black. Which gives those children more sense than her.