God of War: Ghost of Sparta Picks Up 9 Awards, 4 Nominations at E3

"Fellow Spartans –

With E3 behind us, I’d like to take a minute to recap the great feedback we’ve received about Kratos’ newest adventure on PSP and PSPgo. I’m thrilled to report that God of War: Ghost of Sparta has received nine “Best of E3…” awards, along with 3 nominations. Thanks again to our friends in the media for all of your support. We’re extremely appreciative and are looking forward to showing you more of this epic journey as we move closer to our release.

Here’s a quick list of our E3 accolades…"


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ranmafandude3083d ago

the game is kicking ass already and it hasn't even come out yet lol.

Imperator3082d ago

Well, it's a God of War Game. We can only expect greatness.

Spenok3081d ago

Well said. This title looks to be epic for sure. I wonder if there going to do a bundle release like they did with the last GoW on PSP.

Baltis3083d ago

Pretty sick of seeing KRatos,Snake, Mario, Master Chief, Cod games and a ton of other redundantly used IP. Go away for a loooooooooooooooooong time. Please.

ZeroBlitz3082d ago

If you take out all of the established IPs with their massive budgets and experienced teams you aren't going to be left with much in the current age of 'games cost a fortune to create'.

Blaze9293083d ago

Can't wait to pick this one up. I just hope that it's a lot longer than Chain of Olympus.

"Best PSP Game (WINNER)"

to be fair...there were what, like only 3 other PSP games shown at E3? Where the hell was Resident Evil capcom!?

Sigh3083d ago

i agree, where was RE for psp? Maybe switched it's schedule to a psp2 launch title release...

PirosThe4th3082d ago

I think they just went with 3ds and betrayed us....

I should have been multiplatform... for psp and 3ds XD

raztad3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Gamespot had 5 titles as nominees.

GoS, VC2, Kh:BbS, Patapon 3 and Parasite:Eve

All of them look like very high quality games to me.

and it won Best Handheld Game from GameInformer.

Ryuha1234h3082d ago

I need to get a PSP to play this game.

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