Online Game Prize: Sex Doll

Ex: "A bizarre offering to players of a game called War Hero Online is a sex doll. Dangled in front of players of the game, this sex doll could very well be the best prize we've seen in an online feature. No amount of searching or translation could offer any clues on what the player would have to accomplish in order to win such a prize, but we're sure China is going to be on top of this one ASAP (no pun intended)."

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qface642632d ago

woah i couldn't tell it was fake from far away

JonnyBigBoss2632d ago

That's why they're over $5000.

Neco5122632d ago

HAHA no kidding! I thought it was real too. Can we play this game in the US too? lol

Natsu X FairyTail2632d ago

I cant believe there's actual lames Who Gets Married to them dolls. CMON YALL STEP YA GAME UP

ClownBelt2632d ago

Dude you should have seen a Japanese guy married a fictional character in his Dsi. I shit you not. Lol

CrAppleton2632d ago

Haha, I seen that. Crazy sh!t. Lame sh!t. Poor bastards

DaRockSays2632d ago

We can't play this game in the US? shiiiiii... I'll sign up to possibly win that over my hand.

Serjikal_Strike2632d ago

why would anyone want this doll?

except for the simple reason that youre a horny nerd...

CrAppleton2632d ago

isn't that reason enough? lol

PoSTedUP2632d ago

funny if its a little kid that wins.. *parents receive a 'life like' surprise in the mail*. hehe.

dizzleK2632d ago

i have a gf but i'd still take this for a spin. it's one of those things you've just got to do.

Serjikal_Strike2632d ago

nothings better than a real female

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