GameRevolver is hosting a Gamer Girls tournament, a new gaming website is hosting a Gamer Girls contest to kick off the launch of there new site. They are giving away cash prizes to the winner! Here is a link to the forum information.


New posts made on the site! The first submissions are now online. Check it out at Don't forget to register so you can vote for your favorite as submissions roll in.

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incubus51873828d ago

i love girls who are gmers... we need more of them and they also need to look like jessica alba and that hot girl from grandma's boy.... i say daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam!!!!

the_gaming_guy3828d ago

I know exactly what you mean. Something you can both enjoy except that dirty word...I forget what it's called...something beginning with S.

It'll come back to me.

steriotyp3828d ago

Pretty sure that won't fly. But give it a shot, maybe you will get featured.

restinpiece3828d ago

I hope to get my wife involved in this

SilvaSurfa3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

ohhh really... Well Im hosting one too. In my pants.. who's coming.

Only hot girls need apply. lol

Just a little humor. Im bored.

the_gaming_guy3828d ago

Mate, get some baby oil and have some fun...there you go, problem solved.

The Real Joker3828d ago

Nah use tanning lotion...this way you get the job done and the girls sure love a tanned penis!

SilvaSurfa3828d ago

Not that kinda of party. My boredome is simply due to the fact im at work and the baby oil offer sounds great even the tanning lotion is classic but neither are worth loosing my job and serving possible jail time. I'm sure once 5 oclock hits (or whenever I finish all this paper work) i'll be just fine. Thanks again for the suggestions guys. But i'll be ok.

; )

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