Best food for a Gaming Session

Hey guys. So someone tell me, how can you have a gaming session with your friends with no food? It just doesn’t make sense. Its like trolling on WoW, it shouldn’t happen, but it does. Stupid right? Below we have the best food that will change that gaming session and make it special.

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Canucks232879d ago

Those foods are all terrible to eat while playing a game. The chips and pizza will grease the hell out of your controller and nobody wants that :P

Dramscus2879d ago

I prefer gummy candies, nachos and salsa, sandwiches, etc for just that reason

djsean2878d ago

Tissues always help though :p

dizzleK2879d ago

a pot of coffee and a case of pepsi max.

2879d ago
VersusEM2879d ago

Yeah thats all good every once and a while, but u shouldn't eat stuff like this all the time, bad 4 ur health.

floogersun152878d ago

no i pefer a box of goldfish crackers and sprite