Publishers Dirty Little Secret

So it’s about one week before a game is made available at retail, the review embargo is still up and most a sites are respecting it. Suddenly, a website breaks the review embargo with no fear of being punished by the game’s publisher. The review score, however, is a very high one – in the 90s and up.

Guess what? That publisher most likely gave the go ahead. There are dirty games being played in the gaming industry, especially when it comes to review scores of a game, knowing that it could determine a title’s success or demise.

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Smacktard3080d ago

Wow, that's very interesting. Very greasy too, but I can't say I'm surprised.

kneon3080d ago

It shows once again why many reviews can be safely ignored. We see time and again things like glitch infested games and rehashes of previous titles getting scores of 9+. Sure the publisher is often an influence but this isn't always because of the publisher. Many people also have a positive bias for certain developers or franchises and, whether intentionally or not, tend to overlook many of the problems.

PooEgg3080d ago

Too true, I look at the scores just to make sure a game isn't getting across the board 2s or something like that, but I always buy what I want and have no problem buying a game that gets a 7 if it looks like something that I will find interesting. I generally don't read the reviews until after playing the game, because I don't like spoilers, although I might scan it to find out certain information that is important to me, for example a good single player campaign.

kneon3079d ago

Generally I find any review too good to be true probably is.

I also buy what I want regardless of what the media tell me. One of my favorite games of last year was the Saboteur, it mostly got mediocre reviews and people complained about some controls issues and glitches. So it rated mid 7's. RDR comes out with far worse control issues and at least an order of magnitude more glitches and it gets 9-10 because it's from Rockstar. I had a lot more fun with the saboteur than I did with RDR. The only place RDR beats it is in multiplayer as there is none in The Saboteur.

dizzleK3080d ago

couple that with the "good reviews=increased sales" stories the past few days and we see how broken the system is.

we need a "consumer reports" for gamers and game reviews.

SOAD3080d ago

amazon has a rating system controlled by consumers.

PooEgg3080d ago

What we need is the option to return a shit game and get our full money back, and then we could publish the return numbers to give people an idea of what isn't worth their money.

PirateThom3080d ago

I'd hardly say this is a world shattering secret. It's obvious it happens, it doesn't need an "unnamed source". Personally, I'm more interested in the "gifts" some reviewers recieve with their review code for games.

George Sears3080d ago

I wouldn't be surpised if some of these review embargo breaking websites are run or affiliated in some shape or form with the company itself.

Shane Kim3080d ago

I think the same thing. Capitalism is a dirty bussiness.

Dramscus3080d ago

Capitalism is a crime against humanity

Unicron3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Scores need to be done away with already IMHO. They control too much, and are way too arbitrarily assigned. I mean, just look at the fanboy musings of Edge when it comes to Crackdown2/Infamous 2 already, and that's not releasing til 2011!

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The story is too old to be commented.