G4TV: Quantum Theory Interview

Do you like living, mutating towers of evil? Quantum Theory is right up your alley. Game director Makoto Shibata recently talked to G4TV about the story and mechanics of Tecmo's new shooter.

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Serjikal_Strike2998d ago

not anymore.....reasons are

am predicting story will be short...

it all takes place around or inside a tower...

looks too much like GeoW w/female..

basic run and gun game, nothing more!

Rigmaster2998d ago


Gears of War??? You mean that crappy ripoff of Kill.Switch?

Yes, Quantum Theory is very similar to Kill.Switch. Thank god it isn't using that hideously outdated Unreal Engine.

Serjikal_Strike2998d ago

I said it (LOOKS) too much like GeoW....

I didn't say it (PLAYS) like GeoW...

I was refering to the bulky barbarian look of the character and are you goin to tell me some other game had that look first?

peowpeow2998d ago

I guess Uncharted is too right? No wait, it's on PS3 it can't be.

Now watch the disagrees fly in

SOAD2998d ago

Rigmaster is a troll. I can't believe he has four bubbles. I will gladly drop down to three bubbles if he gets dropped down to one.

pixelsword2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

"I was refering to the bulky barbarian look of the character and are you goin to tell me some other game had that look first?"

I like Gears of War, but if you're talking about having "looks" for games first the characters of Gears are a mix between Warhammer 40k with a slight artistic influence from H.R. Giger.

Quantum has the same thing with a heavier Giger spin like a lot of Japanese-made games do. (Contra, last stage, Life Force, for starters). Giger got his inspiration from Francis Bacon and his Triptych art style, although Giger's invocation of the style is more in the repetitive themes in his artwork instead of three representations of a subject as a whole art piece.

Yes, I also game on PC. :P

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Dragun6192998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

I think all hype fell for this title because it wasn't a PS3 Exclusive anymore. SDF didn't want to defend this title and People keep calling it a Gears of War rip off. I really doubt this game will sell even if it's actually a decent game.

Kalowest2998d ago

GeoWs rip-off, by no means do i have problems with rip-offs as long as their good, but this one just looks crappy.

Rigmaster2998d ago


Trying to call a game a ripoff of a game, Gears of War, that was nothing more than a shameless ripoff of Kill.switch...

Kalowest2998d ago

No really, Kill.Switch was a great game, i know GeoW took the concept, ran with it and added improvements, but this game is a whole different story,

bacano2998d ago

What's your problem with GeOW ?! Oh, I see. It's 360 exclusive.

CountDracula2998d ago

This game will probably suck.

BubbRubb2998d ago

looks awesome. i've never played a gears of war mod before.

BiggCMan2998d ago

i like the idea of the evolving tower personally. i just dont like the fact that its like gears of war. i dont like gears of war, rather boring. horde is decent though.

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