Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08: Face Importing Video

You can import your image in two ways: by snapping a photo of yourself in the game using your Xbox Live Vision Camera or PS3 EyeToy, or by uploading previously snapped digital photos of yourself to an EA Web site, and accessing that photo via your console.

You can choose to take either one or two photos for your game face--a required frontal head shot, and an optional profile shot. Taking two photographs will result in a more detailed final product, naturally. You'll want to follow a few basic guidelines when taking photos to get the best possible results...

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DiLeCtioN3791d ago

is having some problems with their video player

Schmitty073791d ago

Might consider it. Haven't bought a Tiger Woods game in a while.

TriggerHappy3790d ago

too bad am not a golf fan

devi8i3790d ago

Looks like we will soon be having a bunch of d1ck noses in game

lVlemphizStylez3790d ago

they should have had this in Fight Night....I would have been all about it

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