Sony PlayStation - Post E3 Interview (NGN)

New Game Network writes: "Everyone has seen the Sony Press conference at this year's E3. It's no secret that the publisher has a ton of new offerings for PS3 owners this year and beyond, including new titles such as SOCOM and Little Big Planet 2.

E3 was a busy show, so we had to wait a little before we could chat with Matt Levitan from Sony Canada - Now that things have calmed down a bit, Matt was kind enough to answer a few of our questions."

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ForceCSW3080d ago

...I really am impressed with the versatility that the PlayStation Brand is exhibiting. Even though I won't use every upcoming feature and play every new game I think that it's awesome that they are available to those who will enjoy them.

bluedot1333080d ago

sony will have a good holiday season

nutcrackr3080d ago

Currently enjoying my PS3 Slim, hopefully they can keep impressing me.

Dude Dutch3080d ago

@ nutcrackr

They will impress you: Sony did not mention games like: Agent, The Last Guardian.

This are really big hitters. Sony has the resources and can relax. They have the future covered; hardwarewise and softwarewise.

You will be enjoying your PS3 for a long time. So will I.