Is console gaming dying?

The successful launch of OnLive has thrown the console issue onto center stage. What's the future of gaming?

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KingKiff2717d ago

it is just undergoing a period of change.

KingKiff2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

If is is not undergoing a period of change I would like to know why you think that?

I would say console gaming as a whole has undergone a massive period of change this gen.

HolyOrangeCows2717d ago

"The successful launch of OnLive has thrown the console issue onto center stage"

What? What do you define as success, and what "console issue"?

Army_of_Darkness2717d ago

Since when was console gaming dying?! I thought it was PC gaming thats dying?!

Conloles2717d ago

No but its still inferior to PC's

Anon19742717d ago

The article is a piece on cloud gaming and even it says we're probably not going to see it for a decade or two. You guys should really read the article, not just the title and one sentence blurb. It's not bad.

I've made the same points for years. I think the future of gaming is cloud gaming. For the industry, it just makes sense. No piracy. No expensive hardware cycles. No second hand game market to compete with. Steady stream of income from each user. It really does solve all their main problems.

And from a consumer standpoint it makes sense as well. You would buy a cheap console that acted more like a cable box then a game machine and then you'd subscribe to the network that had the games you wanted to play and not have to worry about the actual hardware yourself. When better tech comes out, the companies would simply upgrade the supercomputers you connect to - and all for a flat fee per month.

It's just like we watch TV now. There are some people that like to own their media - but the majority of us don't object to watching TV shows we don't own - and we pay money to do it. I think in 10-20 years we could see videogames become very much the same type of thing. The only thing really holding it back now is bandwidth.

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zeeshan2717d ago

There is something that I want to know regarding this OnLive gaming. See when you talk about Kinect, Wii Motion Plus, Move. We talk about lag. Kinect has been heavily critisized due to it's lag issues. Now if gaming using a console and an accessory can cause lag issues, won't the whole streaming thing also work the same way? Won't this be a huge issue?

Bandrik2717d ago

It was found that OnLive actually has surprisingly acceptable levels of lag, around 150ms. You can look at the test results cooked up by Digital Foundry here:

TooTall192717d ago

response time is actually less than 80ms for most people. I play shatter on it no problem and I'm close to 800 miles from the server since the Dallas one isn't open yet.

zeeshan2717d ago

@above: Wait what? Onlive is coming up with a console? A what? Tell me you didn't say a console!

UPSLynx2717d ago

PC gaming is so far from death itself. I can't understand why so many people think PC gaming is dying.

Console gaming is subject to just as much pirating these days, and consoles are limited in scope.

True innovation and progression happens on the PC platform. It isn't going anywhere.

Immortal3212717d ago

yep, I blame these blind fanboys. They'll accept anything for their console, even if it's horrible.

Foliage2717d ago

Nope, but I'm sure the moronic most vocal biased media probably feel like it is... since they love the 360, which has no future beyond Bieber, little asian robotic 7 year-olds, people with the mental capability of 7 year-olds, and pedos.

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Pandamobile2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

No, but it's going to be going through the same kind of shift PC is currently going through in the next couple years. I can imagine the next gen of consoles will have a cloud gaming features similar to what Onlive offers as some sort of means of renting games.

D4RkNIKON2717d ago

Yeah that way you don't have to upgrade your hardware, just stream the content from their servers just like onlive.

gamingisnotacrime2717d ago

the console market is what put gaming mainstream for the everyday father, mother, son, student etc. very affordable, high quality games,online gaming, and no need to upgrade the equipment. PC might be the Ferrari but consoles is the everyday BMW 3 series

thisguywithhair2717d ago

So if it has been happening forever and hasn't taken over the world yet, when will it?

Bandrik2717d ago

I would actually be a little surprised if the next-gen consoles will have cloud features, or at least not right off the bat. They may add them later, kind of like how Microsoft and Sony are adding Kinect and Move. Heck, I could see it as possible as the 360 and PS3 being able to tap into it, as both have broadband access, 1080p capabilities, and the ability to be updated.

Serjikal_Strike2717d ago

especially to a billion dollar industry

PrimordialSoupBase2717d ago

Logic favours the PC market but few people have it.

HurstDarkStar2717d ago

how exactly do you get that idea?are you not working for a web site about games?

TooTall192717d ago

Try it out. You still have a few days to get a free year

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