Media Create hardware sales (6/28 - 7/4)

Media Create has published the latest hardware sales from Japan. Sales of the Xbox 360 have been revealed, which includes hardware sales of the new model.

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Valay3084d ago

360 is down this week, but that was to be expected because the new model was released in Japan last week.

Tony-A3084d ago


It's a 10,000 unit drop, but it's still above average. Good for them.

Wii and PS3 are both up despite the new PS3 announcement and PS2 got a speedbump-sized increase.

Shang-Long3084d ago

true but next week im sure the numbers go back down. 3-4k

gaffyh3084d ago

Very significant drop, looks like nothing works in Japan for Microsoft. I've said it before and I'll say it again, for the 360 to do amazing numbers in Japan, they need a fully exclusive Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest title. Nothing else will work.

BubbleSystemSuck3084d ago

Low stock for PS3... because the NEW SKU 320Gb and the 160Gb White.

Xbox 360 back to normal again

jneul3084d ago

oh boy that 17k that x360 managed to reach didn't last for long, x360 will sink back to 2-3k within a couple of weeks time

ARBitrator3084d ago

Do all everyone actually need to repeat the same thing. Wasn't the first person saying the 360 is down enough to get the message across. Repeating the same thing in rapid succession seem to be the norm around here.

Dude Dutch3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

I was gonna say the same thing.

Better not, because people might get hurt in the butt...

Join the black side, the Playstationside, where there is always light and tranquility.

morganfell3084d ago

After all the repetitious "PS3 is teh doomed articles" the fact that some complained about repeating comments for the same article is ironic in the most absurd way.

eagles19903084d ago

are so boring. Does anyone there really buy anything that isn't a handheld?

qface643084d ago

what because they aren't buying as many consoles compared to hand helds?

for that matter how are these numbers or sales numbers in general entertaining/boring?

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