IGN Hands-On: Halo 3 Soda

IGN editors recently received a mysterious package from Microsoft. Could it be Blue Dragon, Mass Effect, or Lost Odyssey? But wait! This box had Halo 3 in it. Only it was filled with limited edition Halo 3 branded soda. Read on to see their impressions of it.

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ben hates you3560d ago

whats it taste like

is it Master cheifs blood?

MoonDust3559d ago

collected his sweat and made it into a drink.

XENOCIDE3559d ago

"Our gaming skills appear unchanged, although Nate said, "my hands are now flying over the keyboard." He's a caffeine lightweight."

Guys are crazy. But why Mountain Dew chose to change up the color and flavor, I don't understand, they didn't do that w/Halo 2.

DiLeCtioN3560d ago

they hated the drink it was like cherry cough cyrup mixed in Mountain Dew

Schmitty073559d ago

Why couldn't they just put regular MD in it.

Azures3559d ago

Man I wonder how far Microsoft and Bungie can get out of the Halo well, that thing has to be drying up.

In other news, I will no longer drink Mountain Dew.

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The story is too old to be commented.