7.7 LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Review

MMGN: I’m a little surprised that Lego Harry Potter wasn’t developed sooner. It’s got all of the credentials to make it the perfect candidate for a Lego game. The films have a fairly serious narrative that can be re-told through a humorous light with Lego characters quite well and the gameplay is a perfect fit. That said, Harry Potter has a very dedicated fan base and one that could easily be offended and revolt if everything isn’t perfect, opening up an element of risk with developing such a game.

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CatGlue3080d ago

Do you guys like Lego games? It's kinda a bit too young-audience for me, but I still play with lego to make crazy robot killer spiders...

TheDarkGuyv3r3080d ago

Nice job but I'm still not really keen on these lego games.

kk13873080d ago

Nothing wrong with lego games now :P They definitely can make serious titles a bit more fun.