PS3 Overtakes Wii On Once More

The 60GB PS3 has retaken the #1 spot on the video game top seller's list for the first time in nearly two weeks. The console has been ranked in the top 3 since its $100 price cut at the beginning of July in a see-saw battle with Nintendo's Wii. Hit the jump for the complete list.

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timmyp533952d ago

haha... no but seriously that image will never die.

PS-Wii-603952d ago

Early prototype I think.

larry0073952d ago


x360 ...u are finished

wii ..u are next!!

teh_tourist3952d ago

go Sony
not that this is news but still
yeahh more people to play with on resistance

sticky doja3952d ago

Amazon must have sold out of their shipment of Wii's

Azures3952d ago

pfft tourist, more people for WARHAWK!

I really hope they start adding Warhawk to the ps3 bundles instead of Motorstorm :)

Marceles3952d ago

lol I saw this earlier...I knew someone was going to post this :P. You know posting this is only going to make people say "sigh* we really need to post this every time the PS3 is #1?!?!?!"

Azures3952d ago

yes we do. being a fanboy is partially defined on how petty a claim you can use to draw supremacy over the competitor! :D

shysun3952d ago

Well they posted it every day when the PS3 was in third.So why not,let them have their fun.:)

Marceles3952d ago

hehe shysun, that's true

Odion3952d ago

take a look the Wii is sold out again

Whoooop3952d ago

Do you really need to trash every PS3 news? or it's something you can't control??

Azures3952d ago

I don't understand why Nintendo can't make enough of the Wii. The production cost and complexity must be nil.

Odion3952d ago

I do when their these stupid news posts, that try to convice people that something has happened.

P.S. you don't go from having 4 million in June of 2007 to 5.5 million by the end of July 2007 because your NA number 80-85 000 went up 135% (170 000)

Whoooop3952d ago

you trash every PS3 news..

No matter if it's lame, interesting, real, fact, stupid..

So I'm gonna go with the "you can't control it" part...

Hatchetforce3952d ago

Don't worry about it Whoooop. He acts out of fear.

Odion3952d ago

prove it, don't just throw out acusations.

Bring up 4 different times when my comments were just so out there and troll like. I want links to.

Marceles3952d ago

take a look, the 360 is nowhere near being sold out.

The Wood3952d ago

challenge was so stupid people couldn't even be asked to look into your bio to show just how much you trash you talk about the ps3. Heres a challenge you'll find hard. show us the opposite. show us something that you actually like about the ps3 or Sony or blu ray and people might take you seriously. *looks at time* ill check back tomorrow

The Wood3952d ago

Thats prove me wrong challenge

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The story is too old to be commented.