Final Fantasy Offers Countless Opportunities For Multiplayer

Final Fantasy Union: "The Final Fantasy games, like most RPGs, have upheld the tradition of immersing that one person, the player, into the game entirely. Trying to sink two people into the sixty hour plots simultaneously might be spreading themselves too thin, surely. "

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Selyah3082d ago

Would be interesting if we see multiplayer in future titles.

mephman3082d ago

Maybe we'll see it in Final Fantasy XV. :p

ShawnCollier3082d ago

Question is, how many years would that be in? :P

mephman3082d ago

On current trends, we'll see it around 2015.

iamtehpwn3082d ago

Think about it. The way commands are issued in the game would've easily allowed another person to control one of the characters and input commands.

It would requite a few changes to the combat system, like how paradigms are done, but that could've been a saving grace for FFXIII.

Hardedge3082d ago

Would be nice if Versus has some coop, that or any other FF game.

SpoonyRedMage3082d ago

Ring of Fates and Echoes of Time don't require peripherals and Echoes of Time is online too(and released months before KH 358/2 Days), also they were entirely internally developed. Just thought I'd point that out.

Wada does seem insistent on multiplayer... which can be both good or bad. I suppose if it's secondary content like 358/2 Days and BBS then it's cool... just hope it doesn't end up like Resi 5.

Darkfiber3082d ago

Umm...there's the biggest multiplayer game they've ever made coming out in a few months...

Hardedge3082d ago

The experience isn't quite the same when comparing an MMO to a coop/competitive experience, they're built differently and for different audiences.

-Gespenst-3082d ago

Aaagh multiplayer this multiplayer that. There haven't been enough stellar single player titles. It's like people are getting too lazy to make story driven games. Sick of multiplayer.

Hardedge3082d ago

Hm well Peace Walker is a pretty stellar single player game :) And it's got coop too, which is a blast to play. I don't see why FF can't do the same.

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The story is too old to be commented.