Five Obsessions With Madden 2011

Gunaxin writes: "The latest edition of the greatest sporting event in the history of modern man is soon to hit shelves. Madden 2011 is scheduled to drop in one month and world of the blogosphere has already exploded with rumors, leaks, and masturbation-worthy insights for couch geeks across the globe… including these five points of intrigue we want to share with all of our loved ones (even if they are of little-to-no use to society, now or in the future)."

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GamingForever3083d ago

I'm glad i don't play Madden (except, I do own one of them).. I just get happy scoring a goal though since I suck at football...

cb8103083d ago

Oh man... I cannot wait for this one. The Swagger Ratings are awesome

cain1413083d ago

Swagger ratings are dumb lol

Ziriux3083d ago

I stand behind what i think. Sports games should release once every 3 years.

seij5553083d ago

Greatest sporting event my ass. Again with the US = the World crap.

CountDracula3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )


If Aliens today invaded Earth and asked a typical human to see their leader, WHO WOULD THEY SAY?!

The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!! (Hears applause)

That's who!

randomwiz3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

Its just one man's opinion and/or a way for the article to grab your attention and set the mood to pump you up, since you're probably not going to read this article if you're not a fan of football/madden. Don't take it as ignorance.

are you saying the typical human hates the usa? because the aliens would obviously attack the leader.

T9X693083d ago

The US basically has the rest of the world dangling from the crevice of their butthole yea the US = The World.

3083d ago
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