Halo 3: Two New Leaked Campaign Screens

With yesterday announcement that Halo 3 will be supporting 4 co-op online, the master chief's popularity have skyrocketed even more. Still want more Halo infomation ? Hit jump to see two newly leaked screens from the campaign mode.

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Omega Kaze3785d ago

I hope to see some more (official) screenshots as well soon

nasim3785d ago

HALO 3 looks like a cartooon in front of Crysis and Killzone 2.

what a poor console x360 is??

a cartoon game in the era of photorealism

toughNAME3785d ago

34 ignores...thats an improvemtn of 2 since yesterday

nasim...for your sake i hope n4g gets a age restriction or something


HA HA !! LOL - funny article !!
But I don't know if I believe it - I doubt nasim even has any balls. His nuttz are probably still Pre-Alpha like the rest of his games !!

ParaDise_LosT3785d ago

You deserve a million bubbles for that xD

Tempo3785d ago

Yo moondust thanks man i haven't laughed like that in ages.
Bubble 1UP.

Eagle Eye3785d ago

Thanks for the laugh. I think nasim feels small after that one lol.
We should vote you in as NG4 official comedian.

Beware Halo haters Moon Dust is among us.

i Shank u3785d ago

MoonDust that sh!t was a good laugh, thx and have a bubble

Nemesis3785d ago

Thanks for the laugh MoonDust, that was f***ing brilliant. Bubble to you, dude.

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Schmitty073785d ago

The game keeps looking better.

toughNAME3785d ago

really hope they make some changes to the HUD

Whoooop3785d ago

Who's that guy?? Master chief without the helmet?

nasim3785d ago

It looks nothing better than HALO 2.

a shame in the era of Crysis and Killzone 2

nicodemus3785d ago

You realize Crysis isn't a PS3 game, don't you? Or is your militant fanboyism merely guided by hatred of Microsoft, and not simple obsessive love for Sony?

Get lost.

DrPirate3785d ago

I don't agree with Naism, I honestly don't know what the hell he's going on about, but I don't think he ever implied Crysis was on the PS3.

Optimus Prime3785d ago

he has to use a PC game to face off against halo, when that exact same pc game kicks killzone square in the ballz also. So it is pretty desprate of him to use it in a comparison...