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Submitted by RPcinemas 2042d ago | video

The Agency: New Dev Gameplay

Some more gameplay of the upcoming game: The Agency (PC, PS3, The Agency)

Update More gameplay can be found here

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gtsentry  +   2042d ago
cant wait for this game
blumatt  +   2042d ago
Agent by Rockstar Games
Can't wait for Agent (the game Rockstar is making for PS3 too). This game looks good too, but I can't personally justify paying monthly for playing a game. MMO's don't fit my gaming needs. I can't devote that much time to playing games.
DarkTower805  +   2042d ago
Yeah, I think the guy meant Agent. I was confused at first too. Tbh, this game (Agency) doesn't look like anything special.
Conloles  +   2042d ago
Looks kinda boring but I'll reserve judgment when I play it on PC
blumatt  +   2042d ago
@ Conloles
So, just curious, if this was on 360 and PC only, would it look kinda boring??
beardpapa  +   2042d ago
geez what HAPPENED to this game? remember the first teaser trailers for Agency? It was comical! Sorta like the charm TF2 has. Now it just appears like a generic fps.
NarooN  +   2042d ago
Yeah I know what you mean. They seemed to have ditched that cool cartoon-style comical-factor. It might still be in, but it doesn't look like it. A shame.
The Lazy One  +   2042d ago
whoever was on the opposite team of this guy sucked balls.
Raoh  +   2042d ago
great interview..

no nonsense..

gameplay, interview, questions, answers, some slip ups LOL

most importantly, informmation

thank you for those nice few minutes where no one is bashing anyone and i actually learned some things about the game im interested in.
whothedog  +   2042d ago
Nice, I wasn't really interested in this game till now. Nice interview.
masterofpwnage  +   2042d ago
somewhere in the end you can here him talk about sony devs, working together and how the agency went to naughty dog for help.

this game looks so epic, ive been wanting it since it was first announe.

this is a underrated game imo.
spunnups  +   2042d ago
Naughty Dog deserves a Nobel Prize for all the help they've given to various developers
RememberThe357  +   2042d ago
Don't forget the Naughty Dog is the home for the ICE team.
They probably have a lot of tech issues go through them seeing as how they're one of the Sony's central tech teams.
Colonel-Killzone  +   2042d ago
About time.
Bluemaster77  +   2042d ago
Whats up with the motion ? is this a MMO or somethin
CountDracula  +   2042d ago
I thought this was THE Agent from Rockstar. This game looks run-of-the-mill.
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blumatt  +   2042d ago
The Agency v Agent
I was confused too. lol Everytime I see Agency I keep thinking Agent by Rockstar. Agent will probably be a better (and better looking) game.
krontaar  +   2042d ago
oh god i just realized they are two different games...

this whole time :S
gaga30   2042d ago | Spam
SOAD  +   2042d ago
I'm interested in this. The first teaser vids I saw back in 2008 looked corny, but these gameplay vids are fantastic. Good visuals, good variety, lots of classes. Yeah, I want this.
orange-skittle  +   2042d ago
This game will not sell well. You heard it here 1st. This will be in the bargain bin with Alpha Protocol.
jneul  +   2042d ago
I wuv you skittles / s
ddurand1  +   2042d ago
looks clunky.
r1sh12  +   2042d ago
yea it does..
Very similar to mag, BC2 and MOH
II_iLL_II  +   2042d ago
im defenetly getting this 3 reasons graphics great. gameplay movement perfect.environment from my perspective looks great
jack_burt0n  +   2042d ago
unsure about subscription based shooter, they should make it micro transactions imo, apart from the crappy hopping it looks decent bit like golden eye.
jneul  +   2042d ago
Interested to at least try this out hope at some point in time they have an beta for it:):)
ForROME  +   2042d ago
my god fix the walking its horrible and chunky looking
SuperbVillain  +   2042d ago
these aren't the final graphics are they?...I doubt they are
GrooveChampion  +   2042d ago
Looks good
The first trailer bit is choppy and looks kinda poor. But the second half of live gameplay looked really good. Plus the clan stuff sounded really cool.

They learned from planetside, this can't be all bad.
GrilledCheeseBook  +   2042d ago
letting you gather intel and assign missions to your friends sounds interesting but so far for if this is subscription based than it doesn't seem worth it
i want to see the community aspects like how the agencies function and how the players can affect the system

I may have missed it but I also want to see what the character progression is.
If the community aspects and character progressions systems are good then I might consider this. I'm watching out for this now
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HaVoK308  +   2042d ago this confused with Agent when I saw it during E3. Im glad I did because this does not look very good at all to me. And I am interested in Agent.
Mr Exclusive  +   2042d ago
Do we know if this is free to play or pay to play?
NarooN  +   2042d ago
It's free to play; supposedly most of the dynamic advertising the game will have in it will pay for the fees and whatnot.
earbus  +   2042d ago
Hope the graphics dont turn off ps3 owners then again looks simlar in art style to u2 multi..
crematory  +   2042d ago
i think i should check my eyes
i cant find any thing attractive in that game,why so much hype?
xg-ei8ht  +   2042d ago
You know what made me laugh, he said he looked at killzone3 and said it's a nice looking title, and then went on to say, they want to make PS3 shine.

From the looks of it, they have a long way to go.
bog_ger  +   2042d ago
Total disappointment! When it was announced, it sounded like Mission Impossible Online, with espionage, tension, gadgets, infiltrations and all of that. But now it looks like a boring massive PVP online with just a few missions on top of that.
maxcer  +   2042d ago
...wait a second, this is the exclusive game ps3 fanboys kept putting in their "omgwtfbbq list"?
NarooN  +   2042d ago
Uh, no? Not many people have been talking about The Agency because there's been no news whatsoever for it until recently. Dunno where you got that from.
ElementX  +   2042d ago
Isn't the Agency an MMO? So is that subscription based? If so, it'll be flop-tastic because I've read nothing but criticism on N4G for subscription based PS3 games.
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jalen247  +   2042d ago
Looks good to me.

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