Divinity II - Flames Of Vengeance 5 screenshots

5 screenshots of Divinity II - Flames Of Vengeance

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dizzleK3053d ago

too bad it wasn't as good as two worlds. i'm not even kidding, two worlds is one of a kind.


Frankly I've never play a PC game but this onces very interesting, but what is this "Two Worlds"?

jerethdagryphon3053d ago

2 worlds was unique but i wouldnt say one of a kind.

the divinity games

divine divinity
beyond divinity (prequal)
and divinity 2 ego draconis

are set in the world of rivelon.

there non grindy action rpgs there more emphasis on story and quests then on farming the same area,
in some case the mobs dont repopulate,
in ego draconis you play a dragonslayer whose world gets turned upside down.

the developers are larian who are a small company and hence take a while to make games

ego draconis is 3rd person, built using a modified dratbyro game engine (also used in oblivian)

its a good game but requires a fairly hefty pc mainly due to lack of optimization (flames of vengense should fix that)
its worlth checking out the site and looking into it