Vanquish North America Release Date Revealed

Following the announcement of Vanquish’s release date in Japan, Sega of America announced today the North American release date.

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ClownBelt3084d ago


I can finally see the game fail.

PSfan093084d ago

on sales or reviews. Published by Sega huh. could go either way

Unbiased13084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

OCTOBER screams sending it to die. i am interested but ill wait for reviews, i am getting it eventually

Dragun6193084d ago

I'm excited to get this game because the game looks amazing with its fast action gameplay, it's directed by Shinji Mikami, influenced by the anime "Casshern" and The lead platform is PS3. It won't be a port like Bayonetta.

I don't get why this game would fail? The other games in October are Medal of Honor and thats on Oct 12 and Vanquish goes head to head on Oct 19 with Fallout: Last Vegas. Unless I'm mistaken October looks like a good month to release it than releasing it in November with GT5, AC:Brotherhood, LBP2, DC Universe, Sly Collection, and Supposedly Kinect's Launch.

kancerkid3084d ago

This looks like the only shooter game I will be buying this year. What is everyone else buying, the same ol same ol known as COD

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MightyMark4273084d ago

Let's wait before we judge. But i'm not holding much on this game

candystop3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

Why would it fail? I just hope the 360 version doesn't suffer due to being a port from the PS3 version. Game looks awesome by the way.

edit columbo: And you would know this because you've developed for both consoles correct? SO I guess if the PS3 version sucks we can expect the exact same issues on 360 but if it's the other way around blame it on porting? Strange logic don't you think?

El_Colombiano3084d ago

PS3 to 360 ports NEVER falter. Its the correct way to make multiplatforms.

Bigpappy3084d ago

Ever heard of a game called Final Fantasy 13?

El_Colombiano3084d ago

Final Fantasy was never meant to be on Xbox. Microsoft threw so much money to have it shoe horned on 360. Final Fantasy 13 was a PS3 exclusive and not a multiplatform until that E3.

kancerkid3084d ago

Decent developers can easily port PS3 games to Xbox.
Enix could have used a better encoder to compress their FMVs, but they didn't, because, you know, they don't really know what they are doing

Either way, it is unlikely the port will faulter.

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UnSelf3084d ago


i once again seen ClownBelt failed

Redlogic3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

this game looks awesome. Gears of War on crack...sign me up!

and if you don't believe me

guzman3084d ago

@Clownbelt: Seeing you fail here and now is comic gold. That last bubble is holding on by the thinnest of strings, huh?

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ShadyDevil3084d ago

Looks Alright...but idk.

noxeven3084d ago

Can't wait even if it doesn't sell well at least its something a bit different

despair3084d ago

From what I saw it had interesting concept but terrible gameplay, the battles looked clumsy with a very repetitive feel. Of course this is from one or two gameplay vids and I could be completely wrong.

guzman3084d ago

@despair: It also doesn't help that you're a complete fucking moron.

kancerkid3084d ago

A repetitive feel how? You played the game already?

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