Borderlands GOTY edition incoming?

Scrawl: "What’s this? GameStop’s gotten up an item listing for a “Borderlands GOTY Official Strategy Guide” slated to release in September today."

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despair2999d ago

that would be great,the game and all the dlc for something like $40 would really be nice for those that missed out.

Blaze9292999d ago

dammit, and I just bought Borderlands and the DLC!

NecrumSlavery2999d ago

I just was at Gamestop today and my wife said we should get borderlands to play together. I platinumed this, but I haven't gotten the DLC cause I only borrowed it from a friend. So I think I'm going to pick this up. This is one game I am aching for a sequel.

Reibooi2999d ago

Yeah I rented this from Gamefly and played the hell out of it. Incredible game. I never bought a copy because after the first 2 DLC packs I thought to myself that it's one of those games that's gonna get a GOTY edition with all the DLC already in there and it would make more sense to wait for that.

Good call I guess cause if this is true I will be able to play it again and it will be like a new game with all the added stuff.

LilSis2999d ago

i would want this why?

BX812999d ago

That sux. I was thinking about picking it up again for the 360. It's just one of those games you can't get enough of. I only bought the zombie Island DLC so I might pick this up again.

DaTruth2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

Don't you have to win a GOTY, to have a GOTY edition?

Did they make a Borderlands gaming magazine just to give themselves GOTY???

Edit: Seems Bluemaster beat me to it!

ThanatosDMC2999d ago

That sucks. It's a good game for co-op but deathmatch doesnt work as well as i want it too since we all have insanely powerful weapons that can kill in one hit.

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Darkfiber2999d ago

Haha $40? It'll be $60 ($70 here).

RememberThe3572999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

GameFly has it for 29.99 for members, 26.99 for me :)

despair2999d ago

yea i know how they work, but one can hope

SixTwoTwo2999d ago

I was waiting for this to be announced :)
Borderlands was great

Jaces2999d ago

This is just what I've been waiting for, Borderlands with DLC included as well as being a GoTY edition...nice.

Hoping for the best!

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PSfan092999d ago

i still havent bought this game so its good news for me

ClownBelt2999d ago

Dude you're missing a lot. This game was phenomenal.

captain-obvious2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

same here
i'll get this if it came out

DuneBuggy2999d ago

I just picked it up tonight to see what all the hypes about. Looks like alot of fun.

Bluemaster772999d ago

Ya know whats weird alot of these games that get GOTY versions were never game of the year i never understood why that did that . hmmmmm

Fishy Fingers2999d ago

Nah.. it's bizarre. Maybe they're hoping people think... Oooooh game of the year, must be good.

ChronoJoe2999d ago

No, they do it when they win a GOTY award from a journalistic website. Borderlands won one, GOTY on XBOX, from a relatively crappy website.

So basically... yeah.

They also use stuff like 'action game of the year' and to warrant the game of the year edition. However in ever case I've seen, there has actually been a GOTY award, awarded to them. Even if it is from an obscure source.

NecrumSlavery2999d ago

It's nice getting DLC on the bluray disc. Like Fallout GOTY. Games buggy, but all the content is available in one setting. Knowing Editions come out like this make me want to wait for it all to come at once. I am still waiting for the Dragon Age GOTY Edition. I can't see myself spending that much on DLC. I'll get it all at once for cheaper.

Bluemaster772999d ago

I thought that they might do that as in win some random award then flaunt it guess i was right

Scotty0562999d ago

I'll be pissed if the fourth DLC is only available via GOTY Edition.

ChronoJoe2999d ago

I sold this today.

I'd be happy to buy it again if it came with something extra.

And I mean, extra on top of the DLCs. I have those.

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