10° - Dragon Age Ser Jory: Martyr or Victim?

Even months after the game’s release, and with Dragon Age 2 on the horizon, few aspects of the game – save, perhaps, the choice between templars and mages – inspire as much debate as Duncan’s decision to kill Ser Jory during the Joining ritual after the game. Some players immediately identify with the harsh reality of being a Warden; others hate the Wardens for killing an innocent, frightened man. With the right dialogue choices, one can even make an enemy of Alistair by harshly judging Duncan and discuss the matter with Wynne. That Duncan killed Jory, there is no doubt, but was it a righteous death? Was Jory an innocent martyr, a victim of a secret and possibly evil society? Or was he a death justified in the name of national security, a threat to the one organization that could halt the Blight?

By Neall Raemonn Price

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