Top Ten RPG Video Games of All-Time

Will Snizek of Associated Content lists his picks for the "Top Ten RPG Video Games of All-Time".

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dizzleK3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

i didn't read the article so let me guess-either ff7 or OoT is #1.

edit-holy crap i'm wrong. yay for having original tastes&opinions.

IrishAssa3053d ago

Yeah i'm glad it wasn't just the well known popular ones

Army_of_Darkness3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

"Character customization is almost always something I look for from a great RPG."

That line alone made it obvious that he's more of a westernRPG type guy and surprise, surprise! elder scroll is#1?!?! Noooot!
where's Chrono cross and xenogears?! and skies of arcadia?!

@dizzle... FF7 was indeed popular, but it was also a Great RPG to Top it off. No other RGP so far has gave me as much memorable moments as that game.

ClownBelt3053d ago

"No other RGP so far has gave me as much memorable moments as that game."

Of course since you just made your own fricking genre right there.

LilSis3053d ago

cod mw2 cause of the perks

SeanRL3053d ago

lol, please tell me you're joking. If you are, that was really funny.

rockleex3053d ago


I like my games with great stories and characters. Not just filled with tons of meaningless quests.

Army_of_Darkness3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

LOL! oops! you got me [email protected]*KER! Haha! But you know what I meant..RPG.... damn wireless keyboard acting up again..Heheh:D

IrishAssa3053d ago

Didn't look properly or think what's missing earlier nd what i there, But ES4 num 1??What?. I agree with

Baldurs gate
Chrono Trigger

I would add
FF10(although I HATE the VA for the most part)
Demons souls

I have yet to play Xenogears, suidoken and Skies of Archadia. I will though

TheXgamerLive3053d ago

I mean he sounds like a love sick justin beiber fan talking about Oblivion, and yes it was very good but it's all a matter of opinion. When you post articles like this fanboyism should be removed.

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specialguest3052d ago

This was just one person's opinion.

Spenok3052d ago

Lol, people forget these are opinions. Though i would have to point out he forgot FFVI.

FFXNo13053d ago

I liked Oblivion, but with all the glitches I dont think is the best RPG. WTF, I would put FFVII higher and add Demon's Souls. Who put all that crap in the list? did he start gaming when the DS and S-Box came out. Where the hell is Dragon Quest, Shin Megami Tensei and Ogre Battle??

dinkeldinkse3053d ago

Of Oblivion. I love Oblivion, but Demon's Souls is a better game.

Blaine3053d ago

Top RPG list without Demon's Souls = Hard Fail.

As for me, I found Oblivion extremely repetitive and that made it boring fast for me. All those Oblivion gates? After I'd collected every scrap of loot and killed every in the first few gates, I got bored and just ran straight to the jewel to close all the later ones. The NPCs felt extremely artificial, the story was bland, etc. Needless to say I wasn't impressed. Only a real Elder Scrolls fanboy would make that game #1 of any list.

I suppose any list is just opinion, and opinion in turn is affected by fanboyism, but this list is the worst I've seen in a long time.

Godmars2903053d ago

Sorry, but who's listing a Tales title before, way before, FFVII?

CrzyFooL3053d ago


CadDad3053d ago

This list is surprising, but only because I disagree with about 80% of the choices.


Kingdom Come3053d ago

Was the rightful victor, the game is a combination of Breath-Taking, vast, Open world gameplay, with what seem's to be a limitless amount of possibilities, a simply stunning game and I for one can not wait to see what will no doubt be an incredible Fifth installment in the series.
Also glad to see Chrono Trigger in the list, a Classic title. Both will stand the test of time, Chrono Trigger kinda already has but still...

The_Zeitgeist3053d ago

I sold the game of the year edition a while ago, and now I miss it like crazy.