Alien vs. Predator: Capcom's Lost Achievement (RunDLC)

RunDLC posted an article about Capcom's Alien vs. Predator arcade game. The author looks back on the game, and mentions that it would be a good idea for the publisher to somehow bring it to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. The writer also has high praise for the recently released Predators iPhone game.

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Buff10442995d ago

LOVE this game. I remember playing it non stop at a board walk in NJ. Bring it back!

Quagmire2994d ago

lmfao, is that black dynomite?!

AVP is a mean fracnhise btw, newest game couldve been better, but still good. Get Raven software to make AvP 2.

xino2994d ago

I use her ALL the time!
I rarely use other characters!

I used to play this game on emulator arcade all the time! Co-oP is so badass!
3 player co-op is FARKING beast!

Buff10442994d ago

True...last game wasn't bad. Just needed more time in the over. But a fresh start for sure.

Buff10442994d ago

I wonder how difficult it would be to bring this game to Xbox Live or PSN.

giovonni2993d ago

Why these games aren't apart of it, games like Final Fight, Fighting Street,
Ninja gaden the arcade game even neo geo arcade games

Buff10442994d ago

Capcom was able to retail the Marvel license, so who knows.

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