Insomniac's Best of E3 2010

Now that the dust has settled from E3 2010, you might be wondering what all of the guys at Insomniac HQ thought of the show.

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CountDracula3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Not really.

SeanRL3055d ago

Then why did you click on the title?

Commander_TK3055d ago

was Insomniac not announcing Resistance 3

swiftshot933055d ago

Yeah Vanquish is looking pretty awesome! Rage too.

Baltis3055d ago

Insomniac (YAWN) one of the most overrated developers in any given time. I remember Tengen games that were better. I wish they'd go away. I wish Sony would strip R&C from them and give it to someone who actually wants to see it expand. They have kept this series stuck in 2nd gear since the 2nd iteration of the game. Nothing has evolved in this universe and that is because Insomniac is incapable of doing it justice.

N4realGMRZ3055d ago

@Baltis grow up..........there a great studio......although I never got into the resistance series you have to give credit where its due........they have and will always contribute to the gaming industry.......just grow up dude.....let me guess you also think bungie overrated and stuck in 2nd gear......go worship your console.

Omegasyde3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

I agree insomniac really can't hang anymore. Ratchet and crank were great looking and fun, but no multi-player? no co-op?

And the direction they went with Resistance 2 was a big let down. They get rid of 4 player split screen, but add 60 player online. Even at first when you played Co-op split screen, you couldn't save your friends stats.

It took months to patch that.

pixelsword3055d ago

Can you save your friend's stats in other games with split-screen co-op?