Why Bother With Remakes When You Can Just... Make?

Ripten's Sam Naylor explores the idea that remakes should be much less prevalent as developers focus on original IPs, rather than securing success with older ones.

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greeneggsnsam2716d ago

Remakes are a crowd-pleaser, and in the gaming industry they are much more important than in, say, the film industry, but there's got to be some restraint on them. Imagine if all Nintendo did was remake old games- we'd have nothing new to form a bond with. Nostalgia's one thing, but new IPs are like a brand new cake instead of the same one you had last birthday.

FrankDaTank2716d ago

less risk associated. people like a sure thing.

Army_of_Darkness2716d ago

Btw, I won't re-watch DVD movies, unless it's in Blu-Ray;)

ExplosionSauce2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

But I'm also psyched for DKC Returns! haha

Remakes are welcome, as long it's not just better, shinier graphics and everything else the same.
Aside from the graphical upgrades, I'd also like to see some new features along with better/improved gameplay!

HolyOrangeCows2716d ago

"Imagine if all Nintendo did was remake old games"

...why imagine?

Sarcasm2716d ago

Remakes are also cheaper. It probably takes them less time to optimize on an already solid idea, than try to make something completely new.

multipayer2716d ago

Lol, Nintendo only make remakes. NEVAR!

I think most people considered monkey island a classic story, mostly untold to todays gamers. So, just making it shinier with voice acting seemed necessary for the health of the series.

Spenok2716d ago

Yeah but how often does Nintendo bring out a new IP? I mean come on, its been 10 years since Miyamoto came out with his last new IP. He just reciently said its about time he comes out with another. And its pretty much a sure fire success. That dude can make anything awesomely fun.

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LBD_Nytetrayn2716d ago

I think the "degree" of the remake is also important.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix? Cool as it is, it doesn't really deliver anything new beyond shinier graphics and remixed sounds.

In the case of A Boy and His Blob, cited in the article as well, it's an entirely different game based on the same premise. And those are cool by me.

Bionic Commando Rearmed is another great one, improving a number of aspects of the original and updating things to segue into the modern version of the franchise. It's loyal to the original, but has made its own mark, which it probably needed to.

But really, a balance of old and new is best. I usually look to something familiar for a sort of comfort, while I expect something new and unheard of to be a bit more eyebrow-raising, keeping me on the edge of my seat.

greeneggsnsam2716d ago

In a way, it's debatable whether something like Bionic Commando is truly a remake. It's based on the concept, but was it much like the original? A Boy and his Blob is even more so an example of this. I agree with you.

electrolemon2716d ago

Uh, I love remakes. Did you even play The Secret of Monkey Island remake? It was like, 10x better than the original. Remakes give developers a chance to fix the mistakes they made on the original and improve the graphics.

Remakes 4eva.

George Sears2716d ago

Or it can completely ruin an already classic or not meet overall expectations do to the share amount of hype that would be involved in said project.

Id say, if something is already a classic then let it stay that way.

HarryM2716d ago

There are a lot of reasons why. For example, the developers could be lazy or they just wish to cater for the fans of their original games.

T9X692716d ago

If that is considered lazy, I wish more Developers would be lazy.

George Sears2716d ago

Catering towards the fans of the original is actually the right step to take.

PSfan092716d ago

they should just released every game in HD and make it 30-40 price range, the sales would sky rocket high

midgard2292716d ago

1st being profit. ur catering towards something that has fans and will most likely buy the remake to see it improved.

2nd is being able to fully realize ur product. do things in this current gen that was not possible 2-3 gens ago.

there are other reasons but those are the main ones

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