New Red Faction Confirmed

"Last quarter, we announced Saints Row 2. Today, we are confirming the next Red Faction game," said THQ boss Brian Farrell in a conference call today.

The game apparently won't be available until THQ's next fiscal year.

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DeadlyFire3974d ago

Another game for people to yell at for not being confirmed for any consoles, yet. :P

At least a new one is coming and hopefully fully destructable environments like RF1 with better physics of course.

kevin3974d ago

red faction has always been on playstation 2, then something else, so why is pc the heading for this

AznSniper3974d ago

i expect this game to be multiplatform

funolopy3974d ago

i guess that if it was under PS3 or 360 section there would be some argument about exclusivity, or some lame fanboys claiming Playstation has lost another exclusive- so PC is the place to be until more details are confirmed- (it'll most likely be for all 3)

daveman33974d ago

i'm pretty sure this will hit the ps3 and 360 aswell, would've gone on the wii if nintendo actually made a next gen console

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