The Best DLC(s) for Dragon Age: Origins

Since the release of Dragon Age: Origins on the major platforms a year ago, Bioware has brought us a decent amount of downloadable content to help expand the experience of the game.

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ShadyDevil3082d ago

Great, very true as well

Leupac3082d ago

Great list, I would have put them in the same order. Leliana's Song was amazing and The Stone Prisoner was entertaining. I liked that they added Shale into the main story so he wasn't just one of those recruitable characters like in Mass Effect 2.

MightyMark4273082d ago

Let's hope we get more DLCs for other characters

Leupac3082d ago

Yeah I'd like to see maybe Zevran's story growing up in the Crows or even Morrigan when she was younger growing up in the Wilds.

kanetheking3082d ago

ant she a girl i thought?

dinkeldinkse3082d ago

Shale was a dwarven woman.

GhettoBlasStarr3082d ago

If your going to talk about non-muti-player DLC please put estimated time to finish game because help justify the price... Just saying

Leupac3082d ago

Average about 2 to 2 1/2 hours for each depending on how quickly you run through them. If you take your time maybe longer.

Neko_Mega3082d ago

I like the one that put on a disc, I downloaded it but I like it more because it was longer of story for a DLC. I hate when they do a DLC that is short.

Malebaria3082d ago

Leliana´s Song was personally the best out of those.

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