Improving the PS3: The Best Ideas

IGN: The community's been posting proposals, and IGN's ready to endorse a few.

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seij5553084d ago

I lol'd at the fourth comment in the article. Some of this stuff is already coming like more avatars and x-game chat so I don't see the reason for this article. The same goes for Ps2 games, Sony has started the whole re-releasing in HD thing.

Christopher3084d ago

***What about the ability to use the PlayStation Eye to take your own photo?***

Because no one wants to see another person's junk as their avatar.

Dee_913083d ago

i thought most of this stuff was comming soon

i would like longer usb cords but i can prob buy them out the store
i want customizing xmb too

Ocelot5253084d ago

it doesn't do everything: there is no cupholder

Rumor3084d ago

cupholders are the f'ing skynet of the world

Prcko3084d ago

ps3 don't need improvments!
this console is only does everything console!!!
so step a side and cry if you don't agree with that!

saint_john_paul_ii3084d ago

the PS3 needs improvements no matter what. thats part of the 10 year plan sony has for the machine.

Major improvements are needed on PSN feature wise, Like requiring devs to start using cross-game invites and the friend status feature on the friend list (ex. Like MW2 were you see friend info on XMB, and it says "Modern warfare 2: Team Deathmatch at Afghan")

they did it with Trophies, why not require that as well. makes the PSN more user friendly.

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The story is too old to be commented.