Ageia Island: Is it Time to Buy a PhysX Card Yet?

PhysX cards from BFG and ASUS are now around $150, roughly half of what they cost upon launch. This makes them more attractive prospects. ExtremeTech takes another look at the card with Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, a title that offers a much better experience.

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socomnick3917d ago

I wish they would be standard in consoles a dedicated physics card in consoles would rock.

DeadlyFire3916d ago

Actually they can run Ageia's SDK in both the X360 and the PS3. So really the consoles already have a built in Physics thing. Its their own CPUs. PS3 has Cell, X360 has its 3 core 6 threaded generic processor.

I think its time for Ageia to revamp their Physx card and make a new one in 2008 or later on PCIExpress 2.0 with multiple cores with alot more memory on the card and something to cool it. Thier current card does little to nothing for Dual Core and Quad core PCs.

ItsDubC3916d ago

Even Sonic & the Secret Rings for the Wii uses the PhysX engine. PhysX is also a component of the Unreal 3 engine. So ya, all consoles can run PhysX code but it'd definitely be nice to have a dedicated PPU for it.