FTG's Blacklight Tango Down Review

Instant Karma of Front Towards Gamer reviews Blacklight Tango Down, a downloadable title for the Xbox and PlayStation 3.

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Dazel2719d ago

Pinches bits from all your favorite fps, stick them in a package of 12 maps, 7 game modes and 4 player co op campaign with a nice old school feel. Then sticks the cherry on the cake by charging 1200 points. Perfect, just perfect!

InstantKarma2719d ago

Its a great game, but the campaign is not worth it all. the MP is fantastic, but dont buy it for the SP

YoungKiller252719d ago

well of course dont buy it for the single player. It doesnt have one

CountDracula2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Damn?! I only have 1199 points left!

GaMe012719d ago

I played it but waiting for a PS3 to buy it for that.

2719d ago
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