Ship It! Analysis of Premature Game Releases

GN writes, "EA unceasingly flaunts defective titles as a prime example of what not to do, expressly with the company's recent manifestation of a 'ship it now, fix it later' mentality. If a particular game design concept is in vogue, provided that clever marketing reinforces it, hype will naturally ascend to a point where the gaming populace wants it now. Just as no rock star would deny an audience his presence, no large publishing conglomerate would withhold a game of such desire. There are exclusions to this statement – most prominently Blizzard, known for their tongue-in-cheek “it'll be done when it's done” release dates, but not everyone is so immune to the entrancing allure of money (usually in the form of millions). This post will examine the reasoning behind far-too-early releases, and more importantly, how you can protect yourself from becoming the owner of a shiny $50 coaster."

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Quagmire3078d ago

If all the crap games from this gen had even half the time Polyphonic digital or Remedy had to make their respected games, i'm sure they woulda bin a hell of alot better, such as Naughty Bear, Alpha Protocol etc.

Lelldorianx3078d ago

The developers are over-rushed these days, it's unfortunate that they don't have the time required to make a masterpiece 100% of the time.