Second Opinion: Sony and Nintendo's 3D War

This past E3 has seen huge gambits and leaps forward coming from the big three of the gaming industry, but out of the three only Nintendo and Sony are utilizing 3D technology in their respective gaming agendas. While both these gaming platforms are pushing 3D gaming to the next level, they both do it in very different ways. Now the question on everyone’s mind is: which method for 3D gaming will come out on top?

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SuperStrokey11233079d ago

Hardly a war when they are in two different markets (handheld and console)... The success of both will also help the other one. I think its a symbitotic relationship rather than adversarial.

Mr Tretton3079d ago

Nintendo will have great success first. Sony second.

Sony sells TVs and Bluray. End of story.

Commander_TK3079d ago

aren´t u supposed to only talk about the PS3?