E3 2010 Best of Show Preview: Brink

Out of all of the first person shooters on the E3 show floor, and there were plenty, none showed more promise, deployability, and innovation than Bethesda and Splash Damage’s upcoming title Brink. Think Borderlands meets Mirrors Edge with a teaspoon of Mad Max (the movie of course) and you have the winning formula to one of our most anticipated titles here at the site. I had the chance to catch up with Paul Wedgewood the CEO of Splash Damage and Game Director for Brink to find out more about what separates this title from everything else thats out there right now. Take a look at the video preview / interview below!

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taz80803052d ago

Brink reminds me of Borderlands a bit with better graphics. Looks like a lot of fun. Splashdamage knows shooters.

iiprotocolii3052d ago

I think so too. The game looks pretty good, let's just hope that it isn't just all looks.

Chadness3052d ago

Now that you mention it, it kind of does, actually. Although I think Borderlands' graphics were pretty sweet, very stylistic, just not realistic. ;)

despair3052d ago

borderlands sold me the minute I saw damage numbers and xp gained pop out the baddies, this one might just do the same.

Ninferno3051d ago

oh jeez... more rpg elements in games? do we really need more of that?

SaberEdge3052d ago

The graphics look really good and I love the SMART traversal system. The way multiplayer and single player work is also unique and looks quite fun.

Hitman07693052d ago

After hands on I think this title is pretty interesting. I'm not sure how interesting, but it's interesting.

booni33052d ago

the videos look promising. I expect good things from this one.

thevokillist3052d ago

This title does actually look pretty promising.

TheBuIIetSponge3052d ago

Lots of customization and new gameplay elements, could be a great game.

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