EA's Gibeau: Holiday 2007 'Murderer's Row 2', PS3 To 'Feel Healthy' In 2008

Talking as part of an in-depth interview with Gamasutra, EA Games president Frank Gibeau has called Holiday 2007 'Murderer's Row 2' for game publishers, thanks to fierce competition, also suggesting the PS3 "feels healthy in 2008" in terms of EA feeling aggressive about the platform.

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TheExecutive3881d ago

"I don't think the PS3 is necessarily in a bad spot, but it's not necessarily in the number one spot, like it has been traditionally with the PlayStation brand."

Well, I hate to disagree but the ps and ps2 didnt really take off at the beginning either. Both were pretty slow going, I think people forget that.

Azures3881d ago

They do, very quickly.

daveman33881d ago

maybe now EA will make good games on the ps3 instead of botchy ports

Firewire3881d ago

Screw Em!
EA screwed up royal! 30fps on Madden means hello 2K sports.
Someone should tell EA to keep their crap. Its not wanted!

Farsendor13881d ago

yeah whats up with the 30fps madden for ps3? thats just weird.