Rumbling SIXAXIS in Developer's Hands report that there are Several fresh items of news today, regarding the PS3 controller:

"We can confirm that prototypes of the new rumble-enabled controllers have made their way to various Sony developers. Information on these controllers is still closely held by Sony and their partners, but an official announcement and unveiling is expected in the next two to three months. Leipzig is the most obvious guess for this unveiling, but we believe Sony is going to withhold the controllers until they can launch them to coincide with support from enough developers.

We can also confirm that new versions of the Sixaxis controller are quietly replacing the original controllers launched with the console. Hardware updates occur regularly throughout the lifespan of controllers; in this case, Sony has improved the fidelity of motion sensing in the controller. The original controllers apparently suffered of too much of a dead zone."

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TriggerHappy3881d ago

so ..erm what other site is got a confirmation and how do they know for a fact that it was ?

Lord Anubis3881d ago

they are innerbits. Read their site, you'll know why they can confirm or deny anything.

sonarus3881d ago

i want my rumble back rumble back rumble back rumble back. I want hsword rumble and all the other games after that. Hopefully they can update all games for rumble support but i doubt that will happen but gimme hsword rumble and all the other titles beyond hsword and am cool. If stranglehold got rumble dat wud be totally awesome. I will pick up two new controllers as soon as they are out. Now rumble can return with mgs 4 as well:D. I also hope warhawk has rumble dat wud be a sweet game 2 play with rumble

snoop_dizzle3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

they put a better battery(the batter for it now is good, but with rumble it might be good to have a better battery) in it since we would have rumble as well.

Hatchetforce3881d ago

You can bet one of the developers that has the rumble Sixaxis is named Hideo Kojima.

cr33ping_death3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

if not hell be the sure itll be out by the time metal gear is released.

edit: love how some coward disagreed with me.

DrPirate3881d ago

You bet, that man has been clamouring for it since the very beginning. Hideo Kojima has sway at Sony I'm sure. They'd bend their backs for him.

SCThor3881d ago

thats the main reason why MGS4 was pushed to Q1 '08. Kojima want to add the whole MGS experience (Rumble) to the last game of the saga.

SCThor3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

double post.

GoLeafsGo3881d ago

Maybe this was part of the exclusivity deal?

Maybe Kojima suggested a clause that stated that if no rumble was put into PS3 controllers, MGS would go multi-platform o_o

Oh and..
does Snake's SIXAXIS have rumble? =\

Brandon3881d ago

Kojima isn't a developer but a game designer/producer

Hatchetforce3881d ago

Actually Kojima is a developer by virtue of the fact he is in game development. A developer can be a programmer, an artist, a level designer, sound technician, etc. Even, a producer and project lead.

Developer can also be used in the greater sense to refer to a group of people en toto when they act as a single entity in game making. An example is "Kojima Productions is the developer on MGS4."

At the same time he is a developer, producer and, as he often prefers, a director of sorts.

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MACHone3881d ago

Rumble, more accurate motion sensing, and maybe a solution to the internal battery crisis? I can't wait to get my hands on this controller! It probably won't be as ridiculously light as the original Sixaxis, but oh well.

AdmiralX3881d ago

the heavier controller. Sometimes I feel like I am going to break the PS3 controller. My favorite controller was the logitech wireless one for the PS2. Perfect I think.

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