Half-Ass Gaming: Ninety Nine Nights II Review

The original Ninety Nine Nights, was a vibrant take on the stagnant Dynasty Warriors formula. The graphics were a force to be reckoned with for a game of its type, it's just too bad that the game was held back by graphical slowdown and never deviated from the formula of the genre. So can Ninety Nine Nights II surpass the original and finally start the series on a legendary path?

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NeutralGamer3084d ago

How come some random site is the first to review a game that comes in 2 weeks? :o

Kahvipannu3084d ago

There is more of them already ;)

Game looks interesting..

NeutralGamer3084d ago

Got a link to some of the "great" sites that have a review?

With "great" sites I mean more popular and proffesional sites like Gamespot, IGN, Gametrailers, etc.

Kahvipannu3084d ago

Hmm, I believe there is some already at, not sure if there's any "big" reviewers yet tought.