UT3 - Frag Gameplay : Over 8 minutes Developer Demo at Comic Con

The first public demonstration of Unreal tournament 3 at Comic-con. The game is running on the PC.Over 8 minutes Developer Demo.

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timmyp533881d ago

nice to hear that its running almost identical on ps3/pc(but pc will always look a little better)

Kleptic3881d ago

yeah did you hear the semi-interview from the last batch of gameplay footage?...the PC obviously will have a clear advantage in terms of overall resolution, in that it can support much higher than the rumored 720p that this game will run at on the PS3...but that that was basically it...they claimed to have been able to mimic the effects that only the DX10 cards would do on a PC onto the PS3...

they also mentioned it being "slower" on the PS3...but that needs to be clarified...slower framerate?...or slowed gameplay for easier controller use?...not sure yet...

can't wait for this game though...

Bazookajoe_833881d ago

I hope they slow it down on ps3 version..

Violater3881d ago

It does look insanely fast, but that is UT.
Hence why a mouse is better for controlls

GnaM3881d ago

I doubt they will slow it down for the PS3 version; there's already been talk of being able to play cross-platform online between the PC and PS3 versions. If you slow it down, you can't do that any more.

Furthermore, slowing the game down would completely change the balance of the game, and essentially break it unless they designed the game to be slowed to console speeds from the ground Unreal Championship 2.

As a result, I think there's a good chance console gamers will hate UT3 because they're not used to the speed and the analog sticks won't be precise enough to play it properly. In cross-platform games, the PS3 users would just get smoked by the PC gamers with mice and keyboards.

devi8i3881d ago

This is looking HAWT!!!! NIce fast pace, good looking map... lots of space

daveman33881d ago

this game will be so cool, i cant wait

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The story is too old to be commented.