Kotaku: Tournament of Legends Review: Maximus Flailing

Kotaku: Tournament of Legends started out as something special, something gory, something I wanted to play. But that's not how it ended.

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Shnazzyone3080d ago

HVS is getting known for disappointing software for the wii now. If you want a good hardcore game on wii go to capcom.

SinnedNogara3080d ago

It's obvious this game was gonna suck from the get-go. HVS isn't an amazing developer, they are a okay developer. Conduit didn't make our expectations, and I'm not saying Conduit 2 will suck, I'm saying they won't break all expectations with it. Same with Grinder.

hatchimatchi3077d ago

I agree.

There's no denying that they're a talented studio but they really need to focus on game design and not graphics. The conduit sucked cause the levels and gauntlet style spawn points were awful. I think the second will be better but they realllllly need to focus on level layouts and story.