Bizarre Creations Responds To PGR4 and DVD Capacity

Word that Project Gotham Racing 4 had to scrap content to fit the capacity of the game on a DVD game disc on the Xbox 360 went ablaze through the 'net in the last day. Not so speedy, says Bizarre Creations today. To the point, quoting Bizarre Creations: "We've never had to cut content to fit on the disc, and we probably never will." The weather system is cited as the focus for Bizarre Creations this time around in PGR4. A series of screens were provided to backup the variety of lighitng/weather conditions.

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FordGTGuy3733d ago

DVD-9s are here to stay this generation.

actionjackson3733d ago

But wouldn't they want to say these words to please MS. They are exclusive right. I don't know much about how much more they could have fit on DVD, but, really, what else were they supposed to say? Just a thought.

Shadow Flare3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

"DVD-9s are here to stay this generation."

YEAH!! That's the attitude!!
To hell with progress
I probably should've added that i was being sarcastic

HowarthsNJ3733d ago

It's apparent from his posts he has access to the Project Gotham Team.

I bet he did get "slapped" for his statements, but that doesn't mean what he said wasn't true.

bung tickler3732d ago

hmm lets see who to belive... some forum post or an official statement via the front page of the companies website... man oh man...

Panthers3732d ago

Well, on the front of the site, you have to be a lot more cautious about what you say. The poster probably didnt realize that his words would have had such a huge implication. I mean it is just a forum post. But you know it pissed off M$

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Daz3733d ago

LOl all that fanboy fighting for what?

snoop_dizzle3733d ago

supposedly knew somebody who said they knew somebody's cousin who said tey had to cut content because of dvd9s.

Hey if we havent heard of issues(so far at least) of mass effect on multiple disks, i doubt we would hear anything about this.

Then again isn't blue dragon on multiple disks?

ben hates you3733d ago

how did you get down to seven bubbles?

snoop_dizzle3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

and i think that reset my bubbles.



Im hoping to start contributing alot more on this site once the summer ends.

deadpreacher3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Man that game looks better every time i see it. To bad its a arcade style game and not a sim. Anyways alot of us know there was no cause for it to not fit. It just didn't make any sence when we first heard about it. Real time lighting and other things would of fixxed it, if what they where saying was true! To be honest i would of believed it more if they said they had to cut down on the weather effects on the maps. Thats where i see them needing to make new textures with things like snow covers and such!

ben hates you3733d ago

for this generation just fine IMO, the 8th generation i don't think it will make the cut but i'm okay with it now, i remember an interview with bioware back in i think 06 maybe 05, they laughed when someone asked if they feel the need to use two disc, but now they realize its cutting it close