PS3 120GB SKU in top 10 sales upon restock

Sony Corp.’s Playstation 3 held in the top 10 sales at this week upon restock of the hardware.

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aviator1892998d ago

While it's good news for Sony that their systems are selling well, are these articles really necessary?

captain-obvious2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

the funny thing is
its back above the xbox360S on

HolyOrangeCows2998d ago

Bu but the shortages are made up by Ps3 fanbois.

Carlton Banks2998d ago

So does amazon not matter anymore xbox fans?

gamingisnotacrime2998d ago

this site should be used for gaming related articles like new games and interviews. Sales are ok, but we already know the PS3 and 360 are doing great and this gen is alive and kicking so the daily articles about sales is getting us nowhere

Bzone242998d ago

What's even funnier is as of right now the Xbox 360S is now back above the ps3 again.

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shoddy2998d ago

who ever buy a ps3 is getting the best deal for entertainment system.

tell me what bluray player that can play games in 3d?

not to mention free online.

360Defender2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

A PC with a Blu-Ray drive has been playing games in 3D for years. Check Nvidia's site, hundreds of 3D games exist now. PS3 3D is nothing new.

LOL @ disagrees! PS3 fanboys... YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!

nickjkl2998d ago

you forgot to add

sales does not equal quality in all situations but in some situations like 2 percent is when sales equal quality

Arnon2998d ago

There's no reason why they would disagree with your comment. Blu-ray drives exist for the PC, and 3D gaming has been around for years now on it as well.

divideby02998d ago


yea, so what I dont get your point...

its like saying that all the 360 games which are on the PC are not really exclusives

neither comment makes any sense, especially to a mulitconsole owner like myself

Afro-Ninja22998d ago

What? When talking about exclusives, PC doesn't matter, but with Blu-ray and 3D it does?

beardpapa2998d ago

what happened to gaming comfort in your own sofa?

Arnon2998d ago

1. A PC can be operated at the comfort of your sofa. It can be played on your HDTV, and is compatible with any gaming controller currently on the market.
2. The PC has the largest exclusive library to date.
3. The PC can play Blu-Ray.
4. The PC can play in 3D.

I don't understand, in the least bit, what the people below my original post are trying to convey.

DaTruth2998d ago

PC has been only doing everything for a long time... but if PC is not on Amazon sales chart I don't know why we're bringing it up!

And I don't mean a PC, I mean PC as a brand and since it isn't a brand and has no spot on any selling list, please don't bring it up again!

shoddy2998d ago

The damn 3d video card and the bddrive cost more than the ps3.

Bu bu but pc gaming is cheaper!!!!

jack_burt0n2998d ago

LOL you cant defend the 360 anymore so now your a pc advocate sad stuff.

ThanatosDMC2998d ago

Now, Arnon is going to the PC side... HAHAHAH!

squallheart2997d ago

actually your wrong. 3d has been around way before nvidia got involved. I have had a 3d tv for about 3 years running on pc at 65 inches and to enjoy it on my ps3 all i need is an adapter. Ati was first to push it even before that it wad more underground. Then nvidia jumped ship and now ps3 is doing it.

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Anorexorcist2998d ago

they are necessary to keep all the "hey, Xbox 360 S is selling well on Amazon..." posters in check.

SupaGamer2998d ago

And they'll stay selling well. Just a little while before hype of the 360 S dies down.

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Colonel-Killzone2998d ago

Your post actually made me laugh lmao. You are so ignorant.

Lombax2998d ago

I mean, I know GreenRing, Teh Cell, Bungie, Why Dis would just troll for the lulz, but this guy seems to be serious. I don't know if I find that funny or just sad.

DaTruth2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

It's like that show "1000 ways to die". It's sad because someone died, but it is also funny!

@360 defender below: It's not good enough that it's Slim didn't need a pricecut, it just isn't as crappy as the last crapbox they put out, so people are replacing them in droves so they can know what it feels like to play games without "the fear".

Spenok2998d ago

I think its both funny AND sad....

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